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  • Cllr David Cussons

    Cllr D CussonsConservatives logo







    • Party:Conservative
    • Ward:Kirkbymoorside
    • Parish:
      Welburn (Kirkbymoorside)
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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr Geoffrey Acomb


    Conservatives logo







    • Party: Conservative
    • Ward:Thornton Dale
    • Parish:
      Thornton Dale

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    For further information on Cllr Acomb appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr James Bailey

    Cllr J R Bailey

     Conservatives logo






    • Party: Conservative
    • Ward:Ampleforth Ward
    • Parish: 
      Byland with Wass
      Gilling East
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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr John S Clark

    Missing Image


    liberal logo






    • Party:Liberal
    • Ward:Cropton
    • Parish:
      Newton Upon Rawcliffe

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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr Joy Andrews

    cllr J Andrews

     liberal logo





    • Party:Liberal
    • Ward:Pickering East
    • Parish:Pickering (East)

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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr Linda Cowling

    Cllr Mrs L CowlingConservatives logo







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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr Lindsay Burr

    Cllr Mrs L M Burr







    • Party: Independent (ungrouped)
    • Ward:Malton
    • Parish:Malton
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    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Cllr Stephen Arnold

    Cllr S Arnold

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    • Party: Conservative
    • Ward:Helmsley Ward
    • Parish:
      Cold Kirby
      Old Byland and Scawton
    • Email Cllr Arnold.

    More information about Cllr Arnold

    For further information on other appointments please visit the Councillor's directory.

  • Councillors allowances and expenses

    The Local Authorities' (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulations require Local Authorities to make public schemes for members' allowances and disclose annually amounts paid to members under such schemes.

    Details of the annual allowances and expenses paid to Council Members are available on the Open data - Members' allowances page.

    Members Allowances Scheme

    A. Basic Allowance
    This is a general allowance paid to all Councillors. All Councillors receive the same amount per annum. This allowance is paid automatically to each Councillor on a monthly basis.

    B. Special Responsibility Allowance
    These are special allowances paid to the Councillors who hold positions with significant responsibilities over and above the general duties of an elected Member. Any such allowance is paid automatically to the relevant Councillor on a monthly basis.


  • Councillors Declaration of Interest

    Members have a responsibility to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest in any item of business.

    There is a standing item on every Council and Committee agenda headed 'Declaration of Interests'. This item reminds Members of their responsibility to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest which they may have in an item of business on the agenda either at the beginning of the discussion or when the interest becomes apparent and, in the case of personal and prejudicial interests (subject to certain exceptions in the Council's Code of Conduct for Members), to leave the meeting prior to discussion and voting on the item.

    These declarations of interests are recorded in the minutes of the Council or Committee meeting, see links from the Committee structure page, and may be inspected by contacting Democratic Services.

    How to make a Complaint

    If you have a complaint or concern about the conduct of a Member of the Council in relation to the Code of Conduct you can submit a complaint using our form Complaint Form: Code of Conduct for Members. Before completing the complaint form you are advised to read the notes Code of Conduct for Members: Information for Potential Complainants. Both of these documents are available from the Complaints procedure page.

    For further information please contact Legal Services.

  • Councillors directory

    Councillors will represent you regardless of political persuasion

    Your local Councillor's contact details are available on the "Your Councillors" page. This includes their email address, telephone number, postal address  and, if available, a link to an interactive weblog ("blog") site provided by the Council.

    Please note in relation to the blog sites, Councillors are able to post content and respond but they are subject to a set of Acceptable User Policy (AUP) guidelines. These guidelines are issued to each Councillor, who promises to follow the Code of Conduct for posting information into the public domain. If you think that this or any related site is not being used according to the AUP, please email us or follow our Complaints Procedure.

    For further information please see our Ryedale Online Democracy webpages.


  • Councillors Surgeries

    Ryedale District Councillors do not hold surgeries in the conventional sense, but ensure that they are fully contactable by letter, email and telephone to answer your queries. Some Councillors also maintain their own blogs on which feedback may be obtained.
    To find out more about the Councillors who represent you, and their activities, please look on your Councillor page for contact information.
  • Member Development

    Ryedale District Council faces significant challenges in a constantly changing Local Government environment, with a continued focus on modernising how Local Government operates.

    The Council recognises that Elected Members have a key role in taking forward the Council's aims and objectives and their continuous development is an important activity.

    Member Development Task Group

    The Member Development Task Group is made up of representatives from all parties who will oversee all Councillor training on behalf of the Council and will lead on the development of relevant strategies, policies and programmes for Councillors.

    Information and Resources

    Written briefings and e-learning resources can be accessed on the website of the Local Government Association.

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