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Commercial waste collection

If you operate a business you are liable for a charge for the collection and disposal of your commercial waste. There are a number of private companies who can offer this service; however, the Council is able to offer you competitive rates for the collection and disposal of your waste.

Getting your Trade / Business / Commercial Waste Collected

The Council offers competitive rates for collection of your commercial waste. See the attachment for the current prices and container sizes.

The cost depends on where your business is located. There are three charging bands, which reflect the need to remain competitive in areas where competition exists and where higher costs are incurred through travelling longer distances to collect trade waste.

The charges include the hire of the bin, collection of the waste and North Yorkshire County Council's waste disposal costs. All private waste management companies and district councils in the County have to pay disposal costs and have no option but to pass onto the producer of the waste.

If you would like Ryedale District Council to collect your commercial waste, we will ask you to sign an annual contract. You may pay the annual contract in full or take advantage of a monthly direct debit facility. Payment of your invoice may be made online. Please ensure you have a copy of your invoice to hand before making payment.

For more information, please email Commercial Waste or telephone 01653 600666.

If you have a contract with the Council, you can order your bags and stickers online.

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Holiday Cottages/Properties

The Council has reviewed the business rated properties in the district to ensure that the waste collection arrangements in place comply with 'The Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 (England and Wales)'. This legislation states that waste collected from a non-domestic property is classed as ‘controlled waste’. Collection and disposal of this waste is a chargeable service and must be provided by an authorised and licensed waste carrier.

If your holiday cottage/property is business rated, it means that as the owner you have a "Duty of Care" to ensure your waste is managed correctly. You have a legal obligation to demonstrate you are adhering to legislation by ensuring your waste is managed securely from storage to disposal via an agreement with an authorised carrier such as Ryedale District Council (RDC).

For further information regarding your Duty of Care please visit the Environment Agency webpage.

The payment of business rates does not cover the cost involved in managing the waste that leaves a non-domestic property. From 1st April 2015 you will be charged for the service your business receives. If you have been receiving fortnightly collections and wish to continue with this service, please complete the online form or email us at Commercial Waste.

The charge varies depending on your location and whether you currently have a wheeled bin or liner service. The majority of properties on a fortnightly service currently have a 240ltr wheeled bin, however other options are available. If you operate larger premises you may like to consider one of our larger containers to accommodate bigger volumes of waste in the most economic way. If you live at the property or the holiday home is within your domestic curtilage, please let us know.

Upon confirmation that you wish to continue with our service we will issue an invoice for your requirements. Please note there is no VAT on commercial waste collections and there is currently no charge for kerbside recycling. Payments can be made on an annual basis or via monthly direct debit at no extra cost. Payment of your invoice may be made online. Please ensure you have a copy of your invoice to hand before making payment.

Our rates are competitive within the service area and we are very proud or our positive customer feedback and recommendations for our Commercial Waste service. To find out more about our service or discuss the options available to your business, call 01653 600666 and ask to speak to our Commercial Waste Officer.

Agricultural (Farm) Waste

Farmers are no longer able to dispose of non-biodegradable waste on their farms

This includes waste such as silage wrap, feed bags etc. Please email Commercial Waste or telephone 01653 600666 for help and advice on disposing of farm waste, or visit the Environment Agency for further information

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What can I put in my waste containers?

All refuse produced at the customer's premises must be placed in the container(s) and the lid(s) of the containers(s) must be kept closed when not in use

Items of rubbish must not be placed on or around the container

If there is occasional excess waste it must be placed in red commercial waste bags, available to purchase (no black bags will be taken), or a special collection can be arranged, for which a charge will be made.

Cardboard waste, if not contained within the bin, should be flat packed, bundled together, and a trade waste sticker affixed to each bundle. These stickers are available to purchase by completing the online form.

The customer must not burn any material in the container(s), nor allow any material that may burn in the container(s)

The container(s) must not be used for the disposal of liquid waste.

The following items must not be placed in the container(s):

  • Compacted waste
  • tyres
  • batteries
  • creosote
  • paints
  • thinners
  • solvents
  • cooking oils or lubrication oils
  • asbestos
  • unprocessed meat or bones
  • building materials
  • soil or rubble
  • cathode ray tubes or fluorescent tubes
  • poisonous materials or any other toxic or noxious materials or substances.

For disposal of electrical goods, please visit the Environment Agency or telephone 08708 506506 for guidance.

To find your nearest business waste site, please visit Netregs to use the Waste Directory.

Information and guidance

Information and guidance on the Duty of Care with regard to your waste, Standard Industry Classification Codes, the Waste hierarchy and more information and advice for Business and Community groups.

Duty of Care

If you have waste you have a legal 'Duty of Care', which applies to everyone involved in handling the waste including the person/business who produces it, to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it.

If you ask the Council to collect your waste we will ask you to sign a Commercial Waste Agreement and Waste Description/Transfer Note. This ensures that you have abided by your "Duty of Care" and that you have:

  • Checked that we can take your waste
  • Ensured the waste is disposed of at a licensed site
  • Provided us with a transfer note - this must include a description of the waste and be signed by both of you. Keep copies of your transfer notes for a minimum of two years.
  • Ensured that, from 28 September 2011, a declaration is signed on the transfer note to indicate that the waste management hierarchy of options has been applied

For more details and information about the Duty of Care, please visit The Environment Agency website - Frequently Asked Questions.

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SIC Code

From 28 September 2011, you must ensure you include the SIC Code on your Waste Transfer Note. This is the Standard Industry Classification Code for your industry/business.

SIC codes for your industry/business may be found on Office of National Statistics website.

Once you have identified your SIC 2007 Code, please email Commercial Waste with the information, so we can update our records. This will ensure that the Code is included on all future Contracts/Waste Transfer Notes.

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Waste Hierarchy

Article 4 of the revised EU Waste Framework Directive sets out 5 steps for dealing with waste ranked according to environmental impact.

Prevention, which offers the best outcomes for the environment, is at the top of the priority order, followed by preparing for re-use, recycling, other recovery and disposal, in descending order of environmental preference.

For more detailed information and advice, please visit GOV.UK's website, where you may also download a Guidance document.

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Businesses and Community Groups

Visit "Why Waste", a free, online exchange for business waste in Yorkshire and the Humber region. Whatever items you need "Why Waste" is a good place to start looking for anything from carpets and furniture, pallets to packaging materials. You can also use "Why Waste" to pass items onto other organisations.

Wrap offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. For more information, please use the link.


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