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The Ryedale district has been affected by significant flooding in the past and that's why it's important to be as prepared as possible.


Be prepared

You can get alerts to tell you when flooding could affect your home or business.

You can see a map of areas potentially affected by flooding.

We hold some sandbags in case of flooding and if it floods, we give these out to those most in need first. During the most severe flooding we distribute sandbags to central places within affected areas. People living in these areas can then decide how best to use them in their community.

General advice and information

This information helps you to prepare for the possibility of flooding.

The best defence against flooding is to ensure that you have a plan in case it happens in your area. There’s plenty of support to help you understand the sort of things you need to think about.

It’s useful to have a personal flood plan. This covers the things you can do now, and the action to take if you are affected by flooding.

There’s a business flood plan too, which helps companies to prepare the possibility of flooding.

There’s support and advice available online from central government.

GOV.UK has guidance and advice to help professionals and the public address any health risks and clean up safely and Public Health England has a comprehensive list of health questions and answers available.

It’s important to be as prepared as possible.

Drains and gullies

Keeping roadside drains (also known as gullies) clean and fully operational is the responsibility of the County Council. For further information please visit the North Yorkshire County Council website.

Road closures

Information on road closures due to flooding is available from North Yorkshire County Council.

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General flooding update

Flood warnings

The latest information about flood warnings can be found via the Environment Agency website. We also give information about flood warnings via our Twitter feed. A number of other organisations post information and advice about flooding via Twitter, and you may also wish to follow these feeds.


For recorded flood warning information, or to speak to an operator for general information and advice 24 hours a day, telephone Floodline on 0845 988 1188. You can also call this number to register for Floodline Warnings Direct. This free service provides flood warnings direct to you by landline or mobile phone.

Flood warnings are broadcast on many local TV and radio stations during weather and traffic bulletins.

Could your community cope with future flooding?

When there's flooding, the District Council works closely with the emergency services and other support organisations to help people affected. Some areas also have their own Community Emergency Plans, which can help to coordinate the local response. You can get support with developing these from the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum. Find out more here, including details of areas that already have these in place.

What does Ryedale District Council do in cases of flooding?

We work with the Environment Agency, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and other support organisations to provide help to residents and businesses affect by flooding. The District Council’s officers are are deployed to provide this support. We also help to get information out into affected communities about flood warnings and action to take.

We hold sandbags that we can distribute to affected areas. In cases of serious flooding we have arrangements to distribute sandbags to central locations within affected communities. People can then decide how best to use these within their own areas.

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Have you been affected by flooding? If so, we can help with the clean up.

Email us at Streetscene or telephone 01653 600666 for help with the following;

  • We will remove any damaged furniture, carpets, white goods etc. free of charge but please ensure that any assessment for an insurance claim has been completed.
  • We can also supply floods packs of equipment to help with the clean up. We can arrange for you to collect the packs, or we can deliver if that is not possible.
  • If you are afraid floodwater is reaching your property you can request sandbags.

Email Environmental Health or call 01653 600666 for;

  • Advice from our team on safely cleaning up, what to do with damaged goods etc. is always available and on the flooding page of the website
  • We have produced the document "Flooding information for householders", which contains useful contact telephone numbers in the event of a flood for members of the public. Please see the leaflet available to download below.

Advice and guidance on how to clean up safely is available from GOV.UK and Public Health England has a comprehensive list of questions and answers on flooding on their website.

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Information about flood insurance

Flood Re is the national scheme designed to help provide better access to affordable home insurance for those in high flood-risk areas across the UK. It represents a long-term, sustainable approach to providing home insurance for those at flood risk.

It is important that people at high flood-risk shop around for the best insurance policy. A list of participating insurers and an information video is available on the Flood Re website. An information leaflet which describes how Flood Re will work for customers, is available to download below.

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Scrutiny Review - the Role of the Council in Flood Management

In November 2016, Ryedale District Council Scrutiny Committee completed a review into the Role of the Council in Flood Management.

This report set out the results of a review of the flooding affecting the District, the scope of the review was as summarised below and the full report can be downloaded from the foot of this page.

  • The role and responsibility regarding flooding for Ryedale District Council
  • The role and responsibility of other agencies regarding flooding
  • The context, extent and location of flooded properties in the whole of the Ryedale area
  • Review of the North Yorkshire commissioned Flood Study of Malton, Norton and Old Malton
  • Appraisal of flood alleviation options regarding the North Yorkshire commissioned flood study and potential indicative costs of this (from NYCC) and any solutions put forward for Brawby regarding the sewage treatment works (from YWA)
  • Should/how RDC propose to fund/commission technical support regarding examination of flood alleviation schemes for Malton, Norton and Brawby and/or other areas in Ryedale where flooding is of concern be considered along with community resilience
  • Understanding of Ryedale's current and future financial position regarding financial constraints on potential funding for flood alleviation measures
  • To look at options to deliver community resilience in Ryedale

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Download this file (Flooding_Scrutiny_Review_Report_Oct16.pdf)Scrutiny review of Flood Management Nov 2016111469 kB04-2017
Download this file (flooding_note_Feb_2016.pdf)The Property Level Resilience Scheme: a note for consumers113 kB02-2016

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