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Stray animals

What we do and what you can do to ensure your dog stays safe. What to do if you lose a dog, see or find a stray dog and who to contact.

What is a stray dog?

  • if it is roaming freely;and
  • not under the control of any person, irrespective of whether it has a home.

What we do

  • Any seized stray dogs are held at the authorised kennels and the owners (if known) are informed
  • Once at the holding kennels, the dog will remain there until it is claimed by the owner or for up to seven clear days after the date of seizure
  • If the dog is not claimed during this period, it will then be re-homed
  • Only in extreme circumstances will a dog ever be 'put to sleep'. This normally happens if the dog is dangerous or, if the dog is ill, on the advice of a veterinary surgeon
  • It is our policy is that stray dogs are rehomed or passed onto local rehoming charities

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Collars and tags

  • By law, dogs must wear a collar and tag at all times while in a public place or highway (subject to certain exemptions) even if they are microchipped.
  • The tag or collar must contain the owner's name and address.
  • It is recommended that, as well as your home phone number, you also put a mobile number on, if you have one, to allow a finder to contact you if you are out looking for the dog.
  • Offending dogs may be seized and treated as strays.

Losing a dog

If you lose a dog during normal working hours please contact:

  • email the Community Team or tel 01653 600666
  • any local vets to find out if anyone has handed it in or reported it as a stray dog
  • give a full description of the dog and where it was last seen. We keep a note of lost and found dogs reported to us

Outside normal working hours, please telephone the Ryecare Service on 01653 697737, who will pass on the details to the Community Team on the next working day. If we have had any reports of stray dogs matching the description you give we will let you know or, if you are fortunate to have your dog found and reported by a member of the public, we will put the finder of your dog in contact with you directly.

Finding a dog

If you find a dog during normal working hours please email the Community Team or tel 01653 600666.

If you find a stray dog outside of normal office hours you can either hold onto the dog until the next working day and arrangements will be made for collection or you can take it to one of the appointed kennels by contacting the Ryecare Service on 01653 697737.

If you are unable or unwilling to do either of the above, please contact the Ryecare Service on the above telephone number. The Council does not provide a collection service for stray dogs out of hours and the police will not accept them.



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