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Hazardous waste collection

 The Hazardous Waste Regulations came into force in 2005 and significantly changed the way that businesses may dispose of hazardous wastes. These new regulations replaced the Special Waste Regulations and wastes are now classified by their chemical make up, risk category and hazard, rather than the former, all-encompassing term of 'special'.

Hazardous wastes include:

  • Oil Filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Brake Fluid
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Mixed Fuels
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Parts Washing Fluids
  • Contaminated Rags and Granules
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Printing Wastes
  • Paint
  • Spent Oils
  • Solvent Wastes, including contaminated packaging and containers
  • Certain Electrical Goods, including Fridges and Freezers from commercial premises
  • Cathode Ray Tube Screens (TVs & computer monitors)
  • Other waste materials that were previously consigned as 'Special Waste'

Previously, many of the above were disposed of together with general commercial waste. Such co-disposal operations are now not acceptable.

All businesses must demonstrate that hazardous wastes are being disposed of correctly by ensuring that measures are in place to properly segregate, handle and store such wastes. It is illegal to mix different types of hazardous waste materials or mix /disperse them with non-hazardous (general) waste that goes to landfill.

The Duty of Care (ie correct handling procedure for waste) is being placed more heavily on businesses, as waste producers. The Environment Agency has stated that the consequences for businesses not complying with the new Hazardous Waste Regulations are likely to be significant fines and damage to a company's reputation.

If your business produces hazardous waste (such as the materials listed above) you will need to register each of your business's operational premises with the Environment Agency. After completing correct documentation, and submitting a fee, you will be provided with a unique 'Premises Code' for each site. You must use this number whenever you want hazardous waste removed from your premises.

You may "Register as a hazwaste producer" electronically by visiting the Environment Agency website .

Alternatively, you can contact the Environment Agency by telephone on 08708 502858 and ask to make a hazardous waste registration.

The Council cannot collect hazardous waste separately, or co-mingled with general commercial waste. Unless you are registered you will be unable to have hazardous wastes collected from your sites. Companies offering collections of hazardous waste can be found under the Waste Disposal Services section in your local Yellow Pages. Locally, both Yorwaste tel. (01609) 774400 and Todds Waste Management tel. (01944) 758432 offer this service. RB Markets in Scarborough tel. (01723 584041) offer a service to collect hazardous, as well as non-hazardous electrical items.

You must ensure that the company you choose to remove your hazardous waste is properly licensed (with the Environment Agency). It is an offence to pass waste on to a company not fully approved by the Environment Agency.

If you think you have hazardous waste, but are not sure, contact the Environment Agency for advice tel: 08708 506506.


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