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  • Area waste strategy

    Details of the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership and the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy.

    York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership

    In order to better deal with the waste problem in this country, the Government has urged Councils to develop partnership working. The York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership (the 'Partnership') was formed in 1998 when all waste collection and disposal councils in York and North Yorkshire began working closely together. The Partnership's aim is to arrive at cost effective solutions to deliver more sustainable ways of dealing with waste.

    The Partnership comprises Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby and York Councils.

    Following a comprehensive consultation process with householders across the Partnership area, a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy was developed, setting out ways that waste will be dealt with in the future. Challenging targets for waste reduction, recycling and disposal mean that there will be very different ways in dealing with waste in the future, other than the traditional method of landfill.

    The first strategy, entitled 'Let's Talk Rubbish' was produced in July 2002 as a response to new EU and UK waste legislation. Since that time, new laws were introduced, which meant that a new strategy had to be developed to ensure that the Partnership was able to respond to changes and be able to meet demanding new targets.

    An updated strategy entitled 'Let's Talk Less Rubbish' was formally adopted in June 2006 by all elected Members in the relevant authorities and sets out how waste in York and North Yorkshire will be dealt with, up until 2026. This Municipal Waste Management Strategy is the basis of the majority of the work carried out by the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership.

    To find out what's happening with waste collection and disposal across North Yorkshire visit the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership website.


  • Bin collection calendar 1

    Download a bin collection calendar (PDF) for your property. To use it you will need to know your collection day which is available by map lookup.

    Once you know your bin collection day from the previous lookup screen, you can see from the calendar the type of collection being made.

    Please open and/or download the calendar (PDF) below, which gives details of what type of waste is being collected each week and any planned changes to your collection day due to Bank Holidays etc.


  • Bin collection calendar 2

    Download a bin collection calendar (PDF) for your property. To use it you will need to know your collection day which is available by map lookup.

    Once you know your bin collection day from the previous lookup screen, you can see from the calendar the type of collection being made.

    Please open and/or download the calendar (PDF) below, which gives details of what type of waste is being collected each week and any planned changes to your collection day due to Bank Holidays etc.


  • Brown bin collections are changing

    bin with licence 280 wideFrom 1 March 2017, garden waste collections are changing as part of Ryedale District Council’s efforts to improve services and make the most of every taxpayers’ pound.

    These changes will enable the Council to continue to run an efficient and sustainable service, which helps to minimise costs for everyone, whilst maintaining the overall standard of the service.

    Not everyone is affected. Letters are being sent directly to everyone who subscribes to the service. The changes mean that some people will need to leave out their brown bin on a different day or week to their recycling collection. For some residents, this could mean that their garden waste bin is emptied on the same week as their refuse bin.

    Subscribers to the service are asked to look out for their letter to ensure they don't miss out on any collections. Information is also available on our Find your bin collection day webpage, including an easy-to-use postcode search plus handy downloadable calendars to help you remember when to put your brown bin out for collection.

    Other household waste collections are not affected by changes to the garden waste service.

    These changes are being introduced as part of the Council's wider efficiency programme to improve services and save £1.4 million by 2020.

    Beckie Bennett, Frontline Services Lead for the Council explained,

    The changes to the brown bin collections are necessary to ensure the garden waste collection rounds are sustainable and operate as efficiently as possible.

    We absolutely recognise that for some residents this will mean their garden waste is collected on a different day or week to their other recycling. Residents are encouraged to look on line to see how the changes affect them - with everyone's help, we expect the transition to the new collection days to run smoothly.

     You can subscribe to the garden waste collection service by visiting our Garden waste subscription webpage.



  • Garden waste service - winter collection arrangements

    tipping garden wasteRyedale residents subscribing to the Council’s garden waste collection service are reminded that collections are suspended for the winter months of December, January and February, as has been the case in previous years.

    Garden waste collections will run up to and including Wednesday, 30 November 2016, then re-start on Wednesday, 1 March 2017.

    While some people do produce garden waste during winter months, tonnages significantly decrease and very small amounts are produced across the District. If you still produce small amounts of garden waste over winter you could try home composting. Low cost containers are available at Let's Talk Less Rubbish or tel: 0844 571 4444.

    If you already compost at home, but still generate more garden waste than you can manage, you can use the Household Waste Recycling Centres (skip sites) located in Malton, Thornton le Dale and Wombleton. See details at North Yorkshire County Council's website or tel: 0845 872 7374.

    Changes to winter garden waste collections do not affect kerbside recycling services for plastic bottles and cans, glass, and paper and card.

    For more information please email the Contact Centre or telephone (01653) 600666.


  • Street cleaning

    The cleanliness of the adopted roads and footpaths throughout the district is the responsibility of Ryedale District Council.

    Ryedale District Council has one mechanical sweeper covering all 550 square miles of the District and the demands on its time are considerable. The sweeper follows a 33 working day schedule but may be diverted at any time to areas of urgent need such as, for example, following a road accident. North Yorkshire County Council may request the sweeper attends to any area where they consider there is a hazard to motorists.

    There are also six street cleaning operatives following schedules that concentrate on the main centres and radiate out into the countryside. They litter pick the footways and streets in the market towns, empty litter and dog waste bins, and collect refuse from some properties and businesses.

    The cost of street cleansing to taxpayers is around £380,000 each year (£7 per head of population, one of the lowest in the country) but the Council still picks up about 100 bags of litter from Ryedale's streets on a daily basis. If people stopped dropping litter this money could be spent on other things!

    The maintenance of roads and footpaths and the removal of weeds from them is the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council.

    To make a street cleaning request please use this form, or for more information on street sweeping and cleaning please contact Streetscene on 01653 600666.

    Community Clean Ups

    lovewhereyoulive logoWe support the "Love Where You Live" campaign and are able to assist community groups that wish to organise voluntary clean-ups in their locality.

    Over the years a number of groups have organised voluntary clean-ups in their local town or village, especially around Springtime and we are keen to lend support to all who are interested.

    We will provide high-visibility waistcoats, gloves, bags and litter picking sticks and will arrange for the clearance of any litter collected. For more information contact Streetscene.

    the big tidy upFurther helpful advice and materials are provided by Keep Britain Tidy and are available at The Big Tidy Up. The Big Tidy Up is a national campaign supported by most local authorities, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the Women's Institute, BTCV and host of other partner organisations.

    We have worked with many groups involved with clean-ups and other environmental improvements in their communities. Some of the recent partner groups are listed below:

    • Malton and Norton Tidy Team
    • Norton Wildlife Watch Group
    • Pickering Litter Pickers
    • Newbridge Bike Park Tidy Team
    • Knapton Litter Pickers
    • Yorkshire in Bloom Committees: Pickering, Kirkbymoorside and Helmsley
    • Town and Parish Council: Rillington, Foston and Thornton-le-Clay, Sand Hutton and Claxton, Willerby and Flaxton


  • Wombleton household waste and recycling centre closed for essential maintenance

    NYCC NewsNorth Yorkshire County Council  will be closing Wombleton household waste recycling centre (HWRC) from Monday, 23 January 2017 until Monday, 6 February 2017 for essential repair works to the concrete site surface.

    The nearest household waste recycling centres open during the period that Wombleton HWRC is closed are:

    • Malton and Norton HWRC, Pasture Lane, Malton, YO17 6BT
    • Thornton le Dale HWRC, Outgang Lane. Thornton Le Dale, YO18 7RA
    • Sowerby HWRC, Ox Moor Plantation Lane, Sowerby, Thirsk, YO7 1FA
    • Tholthorpe HWRC, Flawith Lane, Tholthorpe, YO61 1SG

    Any updates will be shown on North Yorkshire County Council's website.


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