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Crime in the community

Trading Standards

Safer Ryedale continues to work closely with Trading Standards, we currently have 106 No Cold Calling Zones.

Farming Community

The Ryedale farming community and NYP are carrying out joint patrols to catch and deter poachers and those looking to commit offences such as burglary other.  Country Watch members and NYP will have a zero tolerance approach to poaching and hunting with dogs.


North Yorkshire Police are continuing to focus on metal theft, including diesel theft and agricultural machinery. Operation Chairman focussed on travelling criminals from around the region known to commit offences including metal theft in Ryedale. Additional resources and technical equipment are being utilised to detect offenders. The development of good intelligence and affective use of watch schemes have been the key to success.

Dog Fouling

Following consultation with local people, Safer Ryedale have been working in partnership to tackle dog fouling - one of the main complaints highlighted by the Ryedale community. Patrols will continue to be stepped up in hotspot areas and £50 fines will be issued to irresponsible dog owners.  During high visibility patrols by North Yorkshire Police and Ryedale District Council Enforcement Officers, responsible owners have been rewarded with a ‘Caught Doing Right’ card that was used to enter a free prize draw.

Ryedale Multi Agency Tasking

Ryedale Multi Agency Tasking is a fortnightly multi-agency problem solving meeting that brings agencies together under the umbrella of ‘protecting vulnerable communities’.  Vulnerable communities are described as repeat victims, older persons, young people, children, rurally isolated persons, individuals/families involved in ASB, identified hot spot locations and community tensions.


MAPS groups in schools In furtherance of the ‘Prevent and Deter’ strand of the Prolific and Priority Offenders Strategy, regular (approx 6 weekly) MAPS meetings are held at each of the 4 Secondary Schools in Ryedale, and two of the Primary schools.

At these meetings young persons who are coming adversely to the attention of school staff and who are considered likely to fall into ASB or minor crime are considered, and appropriate solutions discussed. These may range from informal discussion with the young person and his/her parents to the agreement of conditions to form an Acceptable Behaviour Contract with the young person.

It has frequently been the experience of the MAPS Group that when parents are contacted they too are having problems with their young person which mirror the negative behaviour being displayed at school. Parents are often pleased and relieved to have multiagency support at a time that is often crucial to their child’s development as a useful member of society.

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