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Contact details for sports clubs in Ryedale.

Please choose the sport you require to find a list of clubs available in Ryedale. To book any of these, or make a general enquiry, please contact the facility.

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Malton and Norton Angling Club
Mr Fox
Tel: 01653 600338

Ryedale Junior Angling Club
Mr Craft
Tel: 01653 696785
Email Ryedale Junior Angling Club


Pickering Athletics
Ms Lawal
Tel: 01751 472877
Email Pickering Athletics


Coneysthorpe Badminton Club
Pauline Foxton
Email Coneysthorpe Badminton Club

Pickering Badminton Club
Sheila Blenkinsop
Tel: 01751 476678
Email Pickering Badminton Club

Slingsby Badminton Club
Mrs Clark
Tel: 01653 628625
Email Slingsby Badminton Club


Pickering Basketball Club
Stuart Cleary
01751 472846
Email Pickering Basketball Club


Harome Bowling Club
Mr Hewlett
Tel: 01439 770026
Email Harome Bowling Club

Helmsley Bowling Club
Mr Whitham
Tel: 01439 771817

Hutton-le-Hole Bowling Club
William Campbell-Trotter
Tel: 01751 417657

Kirkbymoorside Bowling Club
Mrs Horne
Tel: 01751 432618
Email Kirkbymoorside Bowling Club

Kirkbymoorside Short Mat Bowling Club
Mr Hewlett
Tel: 01439 770026
Email Kirkbymoorside Short Mat Bowling Club

Malton Outdoor Bowls Club
Mr Smith
Email Malton Bowls Club

Pickering Bowling Club
Mr Lloyd
Tel: 01751 472566
Email Pickering Bowling Club

Marton and District Short Mat Bowls Club
Tel: 01751 432688

Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club
Bowling Lane, Scarborough Road
YO17 7EG
Telephone: 01653 600010
Email Ryedale Bowls Club

Settrington Bowling Club
Mr Croser
Tel: 01653 692522
Email Settrington Bowling Club

Swinton Indoor Short Mat Bowls Club
Matt Fenwick
Tel: 01653 694640

Thornton-le-Dale Bowling Club
Mr Knapton
Tel: 01751 477495
Email Thornton-Le-Dale Bowling Club

Welham Bowling Club
Michael Poole
Tel: 01653 699624


Malton and Norton Canoe Club
Mr S Scott
Email Malton and Norton Canoe Club


Ebberston Cricket Club
Mr Winspear
Tel: 01723 507978
Email Ebberston Cricket Club

Heslerton Cricket Club
Mr Nutt
Tel: 01723 859616
Email Heslerton Cricket Club

Hovingham Cricket Club
Mr Mosey
Tel: 01439 788300
Email Hovingham Cricket Club

Kirkbymoorside Cricket Club
Martin Charlton
Tel: 01904 479823
Email Kirkbymoorside Cricket Club

Malton and Old Malton Cricket Club
Mrs Hudson
Tel: 01653 692223

Nawton Grange Cricket Club
Mr Collier
Tel: 01439 771212

Pickering Cricket Club
Mr Mansfield
Tel: 01751 475442
Email Pickering Cricket Club

Sheriff Hutton Bridge Cricket Club
Barrie Speake
Tel: 01904 760096
Email Sheriff Hutton Cricket Club

Snainton Cricket Club
Karen Maw
01723 859530
Email Snainton Cricket Club

Thornton-Le-Dale Cricket Club
Mr Calvert
Tel: 01751 472533
Email Thornton-Le-Dale Cricket Club

Thixendale Cricket Club
Ms England
Tel: 01653 658215

Westow Cricket Club
Ms Price
Tel: 01653 658338
Email Westow Cricket Club


Ryedale Sports Club - Croquet
Miss Timms
Tel: 01653 694595


Malton Wheeler Road Club
Matther Enticknap
Tel: 01653 694571
Email Malton Wheeler Motor Club


Welburn Fencing Club
Donald Walker
Tel: 01653 648026


Amotherby and Swinton Football Club
Mr Audsley
Tel: 01653 658208
Email Amotherby and Swinton Football Club

Brooklyn Junior Football Club
Mr C Lloyd
Tel: 01653 693682
Email Brooklyn Junior Football Club

Heslerton Football Club
Mr Driver
Tel: 01653 693598
Email Heslerton Football Club

Kirkbymoorside Junior Football Club
Mr Alexander
Tel: 01751 431162
Email Kirkbymoorside Junior Football Club

Norton United Football Club
Mr Johnson
Tel: 01653 693241

Pickering Town Community Football Club
Keith Usher
Tel: 01944 711410
Email Pickering Town Community Football Club

Pickering Town Junior Community Football Club
Gary Dawson
01751 432576
Email Pickering Town Junior Community Football Club

Thornton-le-Dale Football Club
Mr Barnes
Tel: 01751 475134
Email Thornton-le-Dale Football Club

Malton and Norton Football Club
Mike Snowden
01653 699874
Email Malton and Norton Football Club


Ganton Golf Club
Mr Ware
Tel: 01944 710329
Email Ganton Golf Club

Kirkbymoorside Golf Club
Ms Rivis
Tel: 01751 431 525
Email Kirkbymoorside Golf Club

Malton and Norton Golf Club
Mrs Gurnell
Tel: 01653 697912
Email Malton and Norton Golf Club

Snainton Golf Centre Ltd
Mr Hinchliffe
Tel: 01723 850014
Email Snainton Golf Centre


Malton Ladies Hockey Team
Mrs Julie Pease
Tel: 07763 009885
Email Malton Ladies Hockey Team

Pickering All Blacks
Mrs Todd
07966 536289
Email Pickering All Blacks

Pickering Junior Girls Hockey Club
Mrs Taylor-Olsson
Tel: 07738 227586
Email Pickering Junior Girls Hockey

Pickering Ladies Hockey Club
Mrs Williams
Tel: 01751 476741
Email Pickering Ladies Hockey Club

Martial Arts

Ryedale Judo Club
Mr Seller
Tel: 01751 431744

Lee Family Arts Tai Chi
Mr P Abbott
Friends Meeting House, Malton.
Tel: 01759 305221

Malton Karate Club
Mr S Flint
Tel: 07814 545013
Email: Malton Karate Club

Ryedale Dragons School of Kung Fu
Pickering Parish Hall
Email Ryedale Dragons School of Kung Fu


Malton Motor Club
Mr Harper
Tel: 01904 760050
Email Malton Motor Club

Pickering and District Motor Club (Facebook page)
Mr Brown
Tel: 01904 622274

Mountain Biking

Purple Mountain Biking
Tel 01751 460011
Email Purple Mountain Biking


Ryedale Netball Club

Pickering Netball Club
Mr Grady
Tel: 01751 470041
Email Pickering Netball Club


Eborienteers Orienteering Club
Mr Speake
Tel: 01904 760096
Email Eborienteers Orienteering Club

Outdoor Adventure

Peat Rigg Outdoor Training Centre
Mr Thorpe
Tel: 01751 417112
Email Peat Rigg Outdoor Training Centre

Over 50's

Ryedale Forum for Over 50's
Mr Wray
Tel: 01653 693635
Email Ryedale Forum for Over 50's


Westow Petanque Club
Mr Ainley
Tel: 01653 693107
Email Westow Petanque Club


Malton and Norton R.U.F.C
Mr Laidler
Tel: 01751 472228
Email Malton and Norton RUFC


Malton Squash Club
Mr Gillbank
Tel: 01653 699388
Email Malton Squash Club

Kirkbymoorside Squash Club
Mr Goodyear
Tel: 01751 432217
Email Kirkbymoorside Squash Club

Thornton Le Dale Squash Club
Mr P Turner
Tel: 01751 477129
Email Thornton-le-Dale Squash Club

Scuba Diving

Ryedale Sub Aqua Club
Mrs Grantham
Tel: 07949 017434


Derwent Valley Amateur Swimming Club
Mr Mark Wheatley
Tel: 01653 693572
Email Derwent Valley Amateur Swimming Club

Ryedale Swimming Club
Website: Ryedale Swimming Club
Email Ryedale Swimming Club

Table Tennis

Malton and Norton Table Tennis Coaching Group
Mr Stansfield
Tel: 01944 738714
Email Malton and Norton Table Tennis Coaching group

Ryedale Table Tennis Club
Mr Gascoyne
Tel: 01751 474954
Email Ryedale Table Tennis Club

Amotherby Table Tennis Club
Mr Seed
Tel: 01653 696704
Email Amotherby Table Tennis Club

Helmsley Table Tennis Club
Ms R Purseglove
Tel: 01439 771095
Email Helmsley Table Tennis Club

Hovingham Table Tennis Club
Mr Ellis
Tel: 01653 628699

Ryedale Table Tennis League
Mr Seed
Tel: 01653 696704
Email Ryedale Table Tennis League



Ryedale Tennis Club
Mrs O'Donnel
Tel: 01751 473101

Pickering Tennis Club
Mr Grady
Tel: 01751 470041
Email Pickering Tennis Club

Sheriff Hutton Tennis Club
Mrs Johnson
Tel: 01347 878626
Email Sheriff Hutton Tennis Club

Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club
Mrs Clements
Tel: 01751 431787

Malton Tennis Club
Ms L Dwyer
Tel: 01439 770881
Email Malton Tennis Club


Ryedale Walking Group
Mr Catterall
Tel: 01751 476380
Email Ryedale Walking Group

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